My name is Anshul Mishra and I hold a fulfilling job in an IT company in India. I have done my M.B.A. from IIM-Lucknow in 2003 and my engineering from IIT-Kanpur in 2001. Even though I majored in finance I landed up in IT because it was the most comfortable option I had – replete with high rewards with minimal risks. Now with over 8 years of experience in my kitty I have got into a comfort zone where I know that the rest of my life can be spent peacefully and comfortably without any additional hard work, just doing what I do today. I am not happy about it.

At this juncture I want to challenge myself by putting into use what life has taught me and use that learning to gain economic advantage. Investing as a professional was an option that appealed to me, because I knew I had turned my back on that option in my earlier life. I have started investing for the past one year in Indian equities. In the process, I have put in use the theory I was taught in my MBA. I am at a stage where I believe I have learnt a lot from my failures and successes from my investing approach, both in terms of theory and general attitude towards investing. What I need now is to implement the learning and discipline myself in order to be a successful investor.

Hapahap.com is an exercise in that direction. With this site my aim is to:

  1. Put my learning in practice and commit to it;
  2. Discipline myself in the process by sticking to my word and
  3. Get an honest feedback on the merits and de-merits of my approach.


Back in engineering, Hapahap was a slang.  If loosely translated, it meant doing something in plenty or very quickly. For e.g., if you are finishing some work Hapahap, it meant you are doing it very quickly. But if you are Hapahap finishing your food, then it meant you are consuming it in large quantities.

My endeavor is to earn HAPAHAP MONEY – LEGALLY. The thrust is not on time but is on the quantity of money. Life has taught me that common sense is not that common and I believe I can put that learning to practice. Hence, in order to make Hapahap money, I plan to invest in companies where there is a difference between the price and worth of a company and the price is substantially lower than worth. It is not a road that I am inventing. In fact, this road has been laid by some of the most successful investors in history. I just want to jog on it.


The promise of this site is that the I will:

  1. Recommend actions on various scrips on the basis of my own analysis and I will detail out the analysis itself
  2. Invest my own money in accordance with the basis each and every recommendation thus made
  3. Regularly update the success rate of the investments thus made

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