Disclosures – A New Menu

I have been unable to work on Detailed report cards lately due to work pressure. However, I am not pausing my investment decisions. Hence I have developed a new menu called DISCLOSURES where I will make a very quick mention of what I am buying/selling on any given day, and key reasons for the specific decision.

I hope that this way I will be truer to this website, as lately I believe that I have ignored it to address other professional/personal priorities. I have realized that this way I will be more aligned to the mission of this site – which was to follow a disciplined approach in investing while documenting the successes/failures along the way.

  • Shravan Shukla

    Hi Anshul .. Thanks for providing us with such a great treassure of information on investment. I have read only 1/2 posts , will continue to read more .to gain some knowledge in this subject which is totally new to me 🙂